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Mike Sayre is one of the most responsive and professional partners I’ve had the pleasure to work with in high technology. As CEO of Pinnacle Data Systems, Mike’s company was a key supplier to my manufacturing/systems integration organization at Sun Microsystems. Early in the relationship I identified some issues that were impacting service level expectations. Mike was very quick to address the issues with his operations team and establish on-going processes and communications that strengthened our partnership. Mike is a smart, hands-on, results-oriented leader. His customer interaction skills are superb and he has a strong, yet calm leadership style. Mike is a pleasure to work with and I give him high recommendation.

Randall Schneider
Managing Director, GSCG PMO
Hitachi Vantara

Mike is a thoughtful, detail-oriented leader with the highest level of integrity. He strikes an excellent balance of leading, delegating, and mentoring in his management approach. A leader with true character, Mike is tactfully direct in his communication and is genuinely committed to the success of any organization of which he is a part. Mike consistently promotes a one-team approach throughout the organization and seeks to bring the best out in individuals and teams.

Michael Darnell
wave2wire Inc.

My company introduced me to Mike Sayre as part of the CIO Leadership development program. After the 12 month program, I had the opportunity to continue to work with him on a coaching arrangement...What made me a fan of Mike was his remarkable ability to ask exactly the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately led to positive change. Through his unique coaching style, I had to work through the answers on my own via a journey of contemplation of one’s behaviors, motivations, actions and results. I can confidently say that the coaching with him has made me a more grounded person and more proficient leader. I encourage everyone to meet Mike and explore his subtle talent to manifest latent leadership abilities.

Shannon Dunn
Executive Driver of Digital Transformation

Mike came to Capture Education in July of 2016 after an abrupt departure of our current CEO. During this extremely rough time for our company his leadership experience and personality immediately connected with our group and we knew we were in the right hands. His previous CEO, CFO experience comes into play each and every day and got us back on the right track as a company and laser focused on what needed to be done. He helped us obtain the necessary financing with current and new investors to keep the company operating.

Company morale is at it's highest point and we're gaining momentum, releasing new products and making sales. I can't thank him enough for accepting this challenge, sticking with us when it seemed like all hope was lost and helping us turn a bad situation into not only something good but great, with an extremely exciting and promising future ahead.

Gene Lawhun
Capture Education

I have known Mike for over 30 years. Mike has a keen strategic view in all aspects of leading a business. At the same time, his background lends itself to an attention to detail that results in a well balanced, senior executive mindset. Mike is very versatile and valuable leader.

Randall Anstine
Retired Partner, EY


I have had the opportunity to work with Mike via advisory boards for a few years. He is one of the first people I seek for insights on strategic and financial options. Mike provides an incredibly well-balanced perspective on options to consider, strategic alternatives, financial implications, and legal protections. I’ve found he helps me explore all options in a very collaborative, conversational way...Having been a CEO, CFO, and worked through difficult financial challenges, Mike also provides insights on financial projections, scenario testing, securing funding, and being equitable to investors. Obviously, his primary focus is the health of our company. However, his balanced perspective ensures our long-term success.

James Brenza
President / Co-Founder
Greenest Grow, LLC

Mike is one of the top business executives with whom I have ever worked. His vision, energy and integrity are unparalleled.

Robert Ouellette
Ice Miller LLP

I have had a business and personal relationship with Mike for almost ten years and feel his value system and ethics are of the highest quality. I have seen his leadership in action as a CEO and President and he is driven to lead the way with a balance of focus, innovation, compassion and courage.  

Roger Campbell
SVP- Commercial Banking
Key Bank

It was my pleasure to serve on Mike Sayre's executive team at Pinnacle Data Systems for nearly four years. In that time, Mike led Pinnacle through a period of incredible change including rapid growth and multiple acquisitions. During this time, I witnessed Mike's character emerge as he transformed the company culture to one of integrity, collaboration, and shared values. He established a framework for decision-making throughout the company based on that foundation and in the process built a high-performance team to lead the company forward. Mike assimilates new information rapidly across a wide range of topics and always seeks to understand the challenges of his team and to provide the tools needed before solutions are offered.

Max Dieterle
SVP of Information Technology Solutions
The Cox Group

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