I Understand C-Level Challenges from First-Hand Experience

Do you have challenges like these?

I inherited these (and many more) in new leadership roles, and I worked with my teams to successfully overcome them and achieve optimal results.

As A Newly Promoted CEO

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  • No clear company purpose or growth strategy, except to be the lowest price provider of anything we might be able to do
  • Some diversity in employees below the leadership level, but lacking in diversity, equity and inclusion overall
  • Fast growing low to negative margin sales accompanied by growing quality and delivery challenges
  • High margin business shrinking, because no operations in Europe or Asia (removed from bid lists)
  • An acquired and unprofitable operation across the country requiring consolidation
  • An extended economic downturn with no end in sight (sales plummeting)
  • Public company challenges and costs in a company too small to benefit from being public
  • And, having most of these at the same time and feeling like I'm in over my head

As An Interim CEO

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  • Investor and employee melt-down after the Founder CEO committed financial fraud during a “bet the farm” SaaS product launch
  • Defrauded investors evaluating additional investment or winding down the business

As A Startup CEO

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  • Starting up a business from scratch in my home office
  • Government-developed cybersecurity technology not yet licensed & needing upgraded to a commercially salable product
  • Lack of startup financing and available tech talent

As A New CFO

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  • Decreasing sales and profitability (not profitable and getting worse)
  • A large credit line in a downturn, with the bank talking about pulling their credit
  • Low understanding of cost of goods sold
  • No turnaround strategy
  • Declining leadership integrity
  • High profile board members who were not a fit for this size or type of business

As A New CIO

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  • A failed ERP system implementation
  • Siloed e-commerce company constantly tossing problems and new feature requests over the wall to the development team with insufficient detail for prioritization, execution or success
  • Low software development productivity; few design, development and testing processes, and low organizational support for an aging ecommerce platform

As A New President & COO

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  • An under-performing and under-valued global ecommerce company in an uncertain regulatory environment where business models were evolving
  • Over-sized, ineffective leadership team
  • Over-sized, unmotivated and siloed organization stunting growth
  • Flat sales in a market with huge opportunity
  • Declining profitability
  • An aging ecommerce platform stunting growth
  • Very diverse employee base and leadership, but needing work on inclusion and innovation